10 Things Which Would Make You Unfit

A healthy body doesn’t get fat- and poorly nourished body doesn’t get healthy, it is as simple as that. Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over again without any results? The idea behind working out should be to lose fat and again muscle, to be lean and strong. If this is not happening then you are doing something wrong and these needs to be changed.

Nutrition: These days we pay too much attention on counting calories and strangling our food intake. The thing about calorie counting is that you end up eating low quality food which is heavily processed and fat free; by doing this we are losing out on good fats that are essential for a healthy body and to gain muscle. You should get rid of processed food and start eating good quality whole, organic foods.Fat loss mistakes

Overtraining: Overtraining generally has a more negative effect on your body than positive. People spend hours and hours in the gym and still don’t get the desired results, instead they many of them end up gaining weight. This is because when you train for longer amounts of time with lower intensity you end up burning muscle rather than building it. So you should start hitting the gym harder and shorter. I would rather have someone take intervals on the tread mill running than doing a 1 mile 30 min walk.

Strength Training: I feel that the number 1 most important aspect of any work out should be strength building; this party is often missed out on and overlooked. So preferring a cardio session over resistance training wouldn’t actually make you unfit, but it won’t help you to gain mussel and shed that unwanted fat.

Warm up and Cool down: Amongst all the workout related injuries back pain is the most common, they are caused when you make your back work extensively without preparing it for the burden; thus making you unfit. A workout should never be started with a decent warm up routine. Warming up helps you prepare your back and other mussels for what is coming next and will help you hitting the gym harder and also help prevent any potential injuries.

Posture: Watch your postures. Make sure that you are performing your exercise the way it’s meant to be, with the right intensity and are not being lazy in executing them. Being careless in your performance might cost you more than just your time and wasted effort as rather than targeting the intended area you might end up with a pulled muscle or a stiff neck.

Take a day off: Your body really needs a day off to repair the muscles that you have broken down due to the week’s workout. It might take more than one day but a day of rest should do it. Think of it as a maintenance day, if you don’t regularly maintain your car it’s bound to break down.

Dehydration: Dehydration occurs when more fluid is leaving your body than what you are taking in. For the people who work out it is a bigger cause of concern as they sweat more. Dehydration can lead to nausea, headaches and rapid heart rates. It also slows down your metabolism which hinders weight loss.

Auto pilot: This is when you put yourself into an exercising auto pilot mode, doing the same exercises and routines every day. What this does is that it makes you hit a plateau. A plateau is when your body adapts to you exercising routine and weight loss stops, which causes frustration and disappointment. You should always seek to challenge your body by increasing the pace and/or the intensity of your workout.

Sleep Deprivation: An adult needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep every day, regardless of if he/she works out or not. Not getting enough sleep puts your body into sleep debt, which keeps on accumulating until your body catches up by sleeping. Lack of sleep interferes with your nervous system and immune system and also hinder the release of healthy hormones into your system. These hormones are important as help you exercise more and also control your mood swings and help release depression.


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