5 Things Nobody Knew About Weight Loss

Everyone knows proper exercise plans and healthy eating habits are the basic elements of staying fit and healthy.

But most people simply do not achieve a slim or fit shape because they’re usually unclear about what they really want in life.

Do you want to lose weight, but often visit nearby restaurants for a binge party now and then? You avoid eating saturated fats, but drink soda? Do you make the same 134-calorie mistakes during your lunch time?

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Here are 5 weight loss tips you probably never heard before:

Writing exercise can help you become slim

When we tend to focus on what’s important on our lives, we feel much better about ourselves and seem to be in control of our habits, thereby, making us less likely to take a shelter of food when we’re stressed or need a emotional support.

A recent study conducted at the Stanford University and University of Waterloo in Canada found that people who made a list of things they value the most (such as love & relationships, health, politics, etc) were more likely to lose more weight and slim waistline than those who never wrote about their goals.

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Avoiding eating out can actually help you lose weight

Restaurant’s profits goals are in direct opposition to your weight loss goals. Although you may cancel bread basket and order food items that are dry, steamed, and grilled, you’ll likely consume more than 134-calories per meal than you will realized.

“Eating outside once a week could lead to 2 lbs gain for an average person,” reports the US Department of Agriculture. “An average adult population eats out at least 5 times a week and consumes extra 134-calories per meal,” states the report.

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Sex will not burn as much calories as you imagine.

There’s a rumor going around people’s mind that if you get busy and keep moving, it will pump up the heart rate and help you burn more calories, between 100 to 300 calories per act.

But recently, a team of researchers found that partners usually burn not more than 21 calories during sex, almost 14 more that if you were spending your time on the couch.

We agree that there are plenty of reasons why sex is good for your overall health, but no way can it replace a cardio or strength workouts to lose weight.

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Exercising more does not mean you lose more weight.

Everything works in moderation, including exercises. Inactive people who worked out only for 30 minutes a day lost more weight than those who worked out for an hour, an average of 7 lbs vs. 5 lbs.

Researchers believed that short exercise sessions actually motivated people to get up and move around, while also encouraging them to “burn” calories without forcing them to replace so much.

On the other hand, longer exercises were more tiring, and left people without enough energy to, say, climb the stairs. In addition, they also consumed more food than usual.

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Self-control was found to be the best way to enjoy

A report published by the researchers at the University of Chicago stated that those who usually showed greater self-control reported less mood swings. One interpretation of this research could be that people feel good about themselves when they’re sticking to their goals. Self-control helps them avoid problems and makes them feel control over their moods, and life in general.

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