7 Dead Simple Yet Effective Home Cardio Workouts

You want to do home cardio workouts because you don’t have time to hit the gym?

You’re not alone. There are plenty of those whose fitness schedule seems to go downhill because they have a “hectic” schedule and going to gym is the last thing they have in their mind.

So, do me a favor – try these simple home cardio workouts to:

  • Burn calories quickly
  • Get your “toned” and “healthy” body back.

In this guide, I have compiled my best cardio workouts shared by Mike Johnson, a fitness expert and nutritional consultant. Keep in mind that these cardio workout plans are designed for all – the beginners, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders.

These cardio workouts at home consists of both “low impact” and “high impact” exercises.

1. Best Cardio Workouts: Warm Up

best cardio workouts

best cardio workouts

Start off your home cardio workout with a QUICK warm up exercises. Warm up exercises helps you avoid injuries, and make your workout even “more effective.”

So begin doing some warm up sessions such as jogging, twisting, bending, and stretching, etc.

2. Cardio Workout Plan: Jumping jacks

Begin this cardio workout plan by standing up straight placing your feet shoulder-width apart, and letting both your hands hang by your sides.

Jump … just slightly off the ground and spread your legs at the same time. And then immediately, raise both your arms high above your head until both are almost touching each other.

home cardio workout

Keep in mind while performing this home cardio workout:

  • During the first part, keep your hands open (with your palms facing away) all the time
  • Finish the jumping jack by bringing both your feet back to shoulder-width apart while lowering your hands back down to your sides
  • Repeat this movement 20 times

3. Cardio Workout Plan: Lateral jumps

Start this cardio workout plan by standing straight up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place an object, few inches tall, parallel to you.


  • Jump over the object, laterally, while keeping your feet together and lifting your knees to raise
  • Land softly on the other side, with your knees bent

4. Home Cardio Workouts: Squats

Place both your feet flat on the ground. Don’t raise your toes or lift your heels off the ground. Instead, keep it firmly planted on the ground.

  1. DON’T let your knees extend very far past the toes.
  2. Ideally, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. If you take wider stance, that will engage your inner thigh muscles.
  3. Keep in mind to keep your back straight all the time. You can bend at the hips, but keep your back straight all the time.

If you are just starting out, begin with bodyweight squats until you are comfortable with this cardio workout at home.

5. Home Cardio Workouts: Climber

home cardio workouts

Here’s another best cardio workouts for you to become a mountain climber and get those attractive legs.

  • Start with a “plank” position
  • Do the climber act by alternating your knees into chest, quickly, while beginning to “run” at about 45 degrees to the right
  • Run back to center while traveling 45 degrees to the left

6. Best Cardio Workouts: Step exercise

Tone your body by using the steps and skipping the elevator. Do step exercise regularly, it will only strengthen your leg muscles. Soon, you’ll realize it’s as easy as walking too.

7. Home Cardio Workouts: High knees

cardio workout plan

Do you still remember “On your marks, get set, GO!” during your childhood racing days? With this home cardio workout, you’ll return to your “old school” days.

  • Stand up straight
  • Begin the movement by running in place
  • Get your knees as high as you possibly can (keep your thighs parallel to the floor)
  • Keep your abs contracted and be gentle on your feet

8. Bonus Tip – Cardio Workout Plan: Running in place

This is one of my best cardio workouts to raise heartbeat as well as burn some extra calories. Plus, you don’t require much effort. It’s just similar to running on a treadmill.

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