Best Weight Loss Diets for 2014

US News recently posted a list of 32 best weight loss diets for 2014. But we think these 7 best weight loss diet for 2014 should help you shed a lot of extra pound for you.

With the help of health experts, US News recently ranked 32 best weight loss diets for 2014. These diets were ranked based on several factors – easy to follow, safe and beneficial for weight loss as well as heart disease and diabetes, and overall nutritious!

In this blog post, we’ll only give you brief explanations for top 7 best weight loss diets for 2014. In future, we’ll also try to include in-depth reviews for each of these best weight loss diets for 2014.

best weight loss diets for 2014Here are top 7 best weight loss diets for 2014:

#1 DASH Diet

Initially DASH wasn’t considered as an overall diet for weight loss as it was developed for another reason – i.e. to fight high blood pressure. Surprisingly, the health experts had gave it high marks based on various reasons, including its nutritious quality, safety, ability to control and prevent diabetes and heart problems.

#2 TLC Diet

According to the same team of health experts, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, or often known as TLC, is considered to be “a complete and safe diet that is healthful for all types of people.” Originally developed by the National Institute of Health, the panel of health experts ranked TLC Diet above other commercial diets just because it had almost no major weaknesses and probably because it was good at supporting cardiovascular health.

Unlike many other hand-holding commercial diets, however, the diet includes “do-it-yourself” program.

#3 Mayo Clinic Diet

Mayo Clinic Diet got high marks for its overall nutritious qualities, safety features, and being an effective tool to battle diabetes- and heart-related diseases, although the team of health experts considered it to be moderately beneficial for weight loss. It was also agreed that including Mayo Clinic Diet in your diet plan could help you develop a lifelong habit of healthy eating.

#4 Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet is a sensible diet that puts a lot of emphasis on protein-based foods such as fruits, veggies, fish, olive oil, among other diets. Plus, most experts also gave positive reviews than any of its competitors.

#5 Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers outperformed better than most commercial best diets for 2014 because of its safety features, it’s effectiveness in dealing with weight loss and fight heart problems and diabetes. Not mentioning, it was also considered an overall diet that offered both short- as well as long-term benefits.

According to health experts, Weight Watchers is easy to follow and complete nutritionally. It emphasized lots on fruits and veggies (healthy food that doesn’t include fatty dairy products). It’s also flexible diet plan that allows you to indulge on food that you should not be eating (occasionally though).

#6 Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarian Diet is a smart and healthy diet plan that helps you get protein from plant-based food, veggies, and whole grains. Health experts gave it high marks in terms of its nutritional completeness, long-term benefits on weight loss, and how easy it was to follow.

While a panel of judge termed the diet as a “nice product that could be beneficial for the whole family,” other described it as a “very efficient” diet plan.

#7 Volumetrics

Volumetrics is safe, nutritious, and as many experts consider, can be an effective tool to fight against diabetes and heart related problems. According to an expert, Volumetrics may have outranked many other commercial diet plans probably because, for them, it was one of the “best diets of 2014” anyone could try and get loads of benefit in terms of losing weight and keeping diseases at bay.

Have you tried any of these top 7 best diets for 2014? If yes, what do you think of each of these best diets of 2014? Do their benefits justify their rankings?

Please comment below to share your ideas, additional diet plans, and other helpful tips that could strike up a chord with other who may be reading this guide in the future.

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