How to Build BigTraps

How to get big trapsHave you ever sat there and wondered how athletes and other fitness professionals have large muscles nearly consuming their necks? Those muscles are called your trapezius muscle, or traps for short, and they are actually easily ready to be built up into peaking traps that will have all your friends asking you where they came from! You could honestly see great results in just a month of doing the right trap exercises during shoulder training day, and the concept to remember is lots of repetitions, hold for a second each rep, and most importantly moderate weight amounts.

So many people go into the gym and rack on 405lbs to the barbell and then do 3-4 horribly performed reps that do more harm than good. If you want to pull a muscle and injure yourself from training then go right ahead, or you could choose the more beneficial route of action. The common belief to building more muscle is lots of weight and low reps, but that is not always what you need to do especially when it comes to your traps, triceps, and many others. Consider doing heavy days for one or two weeks of the month, and then the remaining weeks are high reps with low to medium weight settings.

Easy Routine to Build BigTraps

Okay, so now that you know what the fundamentals are that you should apply to your training, you can start trying out this easy and effective exercise routine that will work and get those traps popping out of your shirt in not time! First, you are going to start off with barbell shoulder shrugs. Try to find a rack that allows you to place the barbell to knee level if possible because this makes it easier for you to pick it up and place it down without turning them into a deadlift. Put on a decent weight that is not too much, and not too light either, and then perform x4 sets of 20-25 repetitions. Ensure that when you bring the bar up that you are pinching those traps up and in towards your neck. Keep your head down and bend slightly at your elbows to do so.

Next, turn around and do behind the back shrugs for x3 sets of 15-20 reps. This is with lighter weight than normal shrugs, and your hand placement should be a little wider as well. These are going to hit the back side of your traps, which is often neglected because this area is close to or under the latissimus dorsi. Again, your elbows do not have to be straight when doing shrugs, and yes I realize it is a big “controversy” between bent elbows and unbent, but if you try it for yourself you can see the difference between what is actually pushing those traps up and in like they are supposed to.

After these two shrug variations are complete, grab a curl bar and perform upright rows with a moderate weight amount for x4 sets of 15 reps. You want to have your hands in closer than shoulder width, and when you pull the bar out think of it as your trying to touch your ears with your elbows. A wider grip is for your deltoids (shoulders) by the way.

Burnout Time!

Finish off with burnout sets by grabbing two 45lbs. plates, or whichever plate is a little more than just light for you. This is just to change up your training variation; you can use dumbbells but mix it up and keep your body from seeing a pattern in training. Now standing straight pull the weight up as a shrug but hold the rep for 20 seconds, then after that immediately roll your shoulders forward seven times, then backwards seven times as well. Do this for x4 sets and you are going to feel the burn. All of this is easy to do and will allow you to build peaking traps in no time at all!

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