How To Build Muscles Without Steroids

It can’t be denied that some of the “greats” among bodybuilders, both in current times and in the past, achieved what they achieved with a little … or sometimes a lot … of help from a specialized type of substance abuse. Yeah, if you were to take steroids you’d grow muscles fast, but so what? There’s more to life than speed. You want to do things right, not just fast, don’t you? Is it worth the risks? No way!

Just because your body looks the way you want it to, doesn’t mean you’ll get to keep that body in working order for very long. Here’s a sampling of what a steroid user has to look forward to … or more like cringe at the

how to build muscle fast without steroids

how to build muscle fast

thought of …

The use of steroids causes aggression (road rage, anyone?) …

The use of steroids lowers sperm count, causing difficulty when trying to conceive …

The use of steroids causes eventual sterility!

The use of steroids results is all sorts of issues you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy.

Sure it’s your body and your choice, but don’t try to say we didn’t warn you. The list of stuff that can go horribly wrong from steroid use is lots longer than the list of so-called advantages. Look at the BIG picture.

Do women want to take something that masculinizes the way they sound and move?! Most don’t.

And even if you decide for some strange reasons to indulge in this risky business, I bet you would go ahead and advise some kid AGAINST it! But … we lead best by example.

And you know what, aside from all the risks, steroids also cause the anabolic environment to be not as conducive for growing seriously big muscles. If you want to do things the right way, you have to do them naturally, not synthetically. The nourishment your body wants comes from food! It may take longer this way, but the long-term results are far better.

Steroids pose a danger to your muscle tissue, not just your health. After becoming accustomed to hormones of the synthetic variety, your muscles would become dependent on them. And steroids are the last thing you’d want to feel forced to continue relying on.

Overall, it’s plain to see that the best approach is one that works with Mother Nature, not against her. Your health, your pride and your future will thank you.

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