Why do Cardio?

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How to Build Bigger Traps

Trapezius muscle aka traps, is an endurance muscle around your shoulders that has is allows lifting up. It is very important to have strong traps not just for aesthetic value of this muscle but also … [Read more...]

Functional strength training

Functional strength training simply refers to training your body to perform every day movements in a better way. All human movements are a combination of various functions. In functional strength … [Read more...]

Workouts For Great calves

  Calves are one of the most important muscles on a human body. They are also one of the hardest and the most difficult muscle to train and work on. Before we can get on with this article we … [Read more...]

How Effective are Cardio Workouts?

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12 Things I Wish I Knew About Cardiovascular Fitness

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Four Core Workouts You Can Do At Your Law Office And Improve Your Overall Health


If you work in an office, chances are those long hours of sitting and stressing take a toll on your body. With any workout program, the best first step you can take is to improve your core. Core … [Read more...]

Training Outside The Gym – Home/Outdoors With A Personal Trainer

A lot of people begin training or hire a personal trainer with the pre-conceived idea that they won’t be able to get fit and strong outside of a gym environment. However, to be frank, nothing could be … [Read more...]

How to Push Yourself When Running

How to Push Yourself When Running

In my daily life, I get to meet a lot of people who inspires me! I learn what really going great with people’s life, and what issues they’re struggling with. Even though I am usually positive … [Read more...]

Try Yoga For Men

When you go to a yoga class at most studios, you will find the majority of the attendees are women.  Yoga marketing generally seem to cater to women, yet ironically yoga has its beginnings from men.  … [Read more...]