How to Build Bigger Traps

Trapezius muscle aka traps, is an endurance muscle around your shoulders that has is allows lifting up. It is very important to have strong traps not just for aesthetic value of this muscle but also … [Read more...]

Top 7 Back Exercises For Building Width and Thickness

lower back workouts

So you want to build that “thicker” and “wider-looking” back within couple of months? In this guide, I will show you my top 7 best back workouts that are safe, easy to perform, and allows you to hit … [Read more...]

Best Bodyweight Exercises to get Ripped

Perfect your Dips!

Bodyweight exercises are great for building lean muscle mass and getting a ripped body through performing higher repetitions than exercises that use weight resistance. Then they not only make your … [Read more...]

Top 3 Presses for Rock Solid Shoulders


Your shoulders are the heavy lifters of your upper body and you may not have even realized it! They are responsible for holding onto the weight that you are lifting, pressing, and pulling. So with … [Read more...]

How to Build BigTraps

How to get big traps

Have you ever sat there and wondered how athletes and other fitness professionals have large muscles nearly consuming their necks? Those muscles are called your trapezius muscle, or traps for short, … [Read more...]

Top 3 Back Workouts that Build Muscle

Back workouts are necessary if you want to build a bigger upper torso with strength to assist you with other workouts as well. Your back is usually targeted by exercises that have to do with pulling … [Read more...]