Proper Diet to Build Muscle Mass

A proper diet to build muscle is essential for anybody who wants to train and retain the mass that they are gaining, and also a healthy, nutrient filled diet is going to allow for these muscles to grow in the first place! So many people get past their plateau and start to gain muscle the right way by just eating right and exercising. These two factors are the basic and most essential steps needed to routinely be followed if you want to gain muscle mass fast and efficiently.

What to Feed your Muscles

As mentioned, a proper diet is the only way to start gaining muscle correctly. Sure when you first start training you will see a change in your body without having one, it is true, but a couple of months later you are going to be wondering why your muscles have all of a sudden stopped growing, and even worst why they have deflated! So if you do not want this to happen to you then start making changes to better yourself.

Here is what you are going to eat. You want plenty of protein, carbs, vegetables, and fruits while trying to build muscle mass. The reason why is because you need to gain weight first to cut it down into lean muscle, and then continue that type of mind set from that point on. That is the only way bodybuilders are able to keep putting on mass because it is almost impossible to just build lean muscle to a certain extent without gaining the weight first.

Vegetables hold plenty of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for your body, and you need to be eating plenty of them! Then you are going to want to eat beef, tuna, chicken, etc. for your daily protein. You can also drink plenty of milk for additional protein and calcium that are needed for cell reproduction and growth.

Protein is even more important because it is used by your muscles for repair and growth before, during, and after your workout. Have you ever sat there and wondered why you feel so sore after every workout, but then you know you did not train that hard to cause THAT much pain? The reason why (if you trained properly) is mostly likely you have not been taking protein following your workout, and your daily amount is almost sure to be low as well.

Then fruits hold plenty of the good stuff as well that all people need in their diet to build muscle. Potassium is found in large quantities in a lot of fruits such as bananas, and this mineral is used for your nervous system which simply is what controls everything in your body including your muscles, and then there is Vitamin C in plenty of fruits as well. Vitamin C helps keep your body from going into a catabolic state, which in short means that once your body runs out of nutrients to feed on it turns to taking away your muscles. This is the main reason why a person’s muscles will begin to diminish when it is due to bad dieting. No nutrients = No muscles!

Regularly Follow your Diet

Your diet to build muscle needs to be consistent in order to work, and sitting there eating a burger that has a piece of lettuce and tomatoes on it just does not cut it. If you want to be serious you need to cut back drastically on things such as soda, potato chips, cake, and any other snacks. Yes you want to gain weight, but not be unhealthy when you do it.

Supplements are also great to use when you cannot get enough nutrients from the food you are able to eat. Maximuscle’s Cyclone Protein has a lot of great stuff in it that other regular proteins do not. Yes, it has its 60 grams of protein per two servings (scoops), but then it also has 10 grams of creatine monohydrate added in to give your muscles more to feed on for energy production and growth, and not to mention all the basic minerals you need as well for heavy training!


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