Diets that Work Fast and Create Mass!

Do you want to build muscle and get to the point of needing to go a whole new shirt size up? Then you need to start by following diets that work fast in aiding your muscles with the valuable nutrients that your body wants in order to get the appearance of a beast in the gym! But how do you go about doing this? Eating a chunk of steak and vegetables? The key to building muscle lies within the food you eat from a combination of sources, and the following diets that work fast are just what you need to get started on your new path in fitness.

Bulking Phase

You might have noticed that it is hard as heck to gain pure lean muscle mass fast, and that is why you must go through two different phases. The first phase is known as bulking, which simply means you are putting on weight in order to cut back later while heavy lifting in the gym. This is the phase where you are eating a lot of foods that contain protein, fats, and carbohydrates, which your metabolism is going to convert over into mass; both muscle and fat are gained from this.

gaining-mass1You want to eat foods throughout the day such as meats, carbs, dairy, nuts, and of course some veggies and fruits. You want a high amount of calories to be eaten on a daily basis. For example, a man that is 5’10 and 180lbs. will need to eat 4,200 calories to 5,000 calories a day in order to have enough left over for bulking. Protein intake should be 240 to 300 grams (whey protein and casein protein will help a lot with this). Diets that work fast are not complicated, but require you to actually pay attention to what you are eating. Does this mean sit there and count every little thing you eat? No! You can, but why not just make sure you have a higher food intake than usual with the food groups listed above.

Heavy train with 5×5 sets for primary muscle lifts (back, shoulders, chest, legs, etc.) five days a week, and follow this phase for two weeks.

Cutting Phase

Your second phase lasts for a week, and is the process of cutting back on all the fat that you gained. You do so by changing up your diet and fitness routine in order to increase your metabolism and start burning fat away, which leaves behind lean muscle mass after a few processes. This diet should consist of lean protein (chicken, soy beans, and turkey), low-carbs (whole grains), and low-fat dairy as well (approximately 3,500 calories a day). You are also going to be increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits you eat also to replace the fatty foods you ate previously.

Then your training plan is going to be working out every other day. For example, your workout is on Monday, so your next day to lift is Wednesday and you will then use moderate weight amounts with higher repetitions. What this is going to do is throw your hormones into an uproar by changing your diet on and off drastically over a period of time, which will then naturally put your body in a state of anabolism, which simplified means increase strength and muscle growth!

After your second phase of cutting is complete go back and repeat the entire process from bulking to cutting for 3-6 months. You will be amazed at the chiseled body you come out with!

Diets that Work Fast are to be Strictly Followed

Okay, so maybe you can cheat a little and have no harm in your diet plan come about, but it is best not too because you will then continue to always do it! Bare in mind you have to try your hardest to not mess up your routine and add in days of not heavy lifting simply because “you were not in the mood”. Dedication to your healthy living diet and exercise plans will get your body the way you have always wanted it to be.

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