Getting Ripped For The Summer!

Getting Ripped during Summers

The days of being a couch potato are almost over and summer is now around the corner. It’s time to compliment yourself with a nicely toned and attractively ripped body. I understand that it is easy to say and talk about it but yes it’s definitely not easy to experience all the effort that is required. We need to have a certain dedication to achieve what we are dreaming of. A slight discomfort, some ache or little uneasiness should not become the hurdle on your way to attain what you have planned for yourself. Key is to stick to your plan and just focus on what pride you would feel once you get the best figure to flaunt.

I’m writing a few tips for you to follow in order to achieve your desired body in record time.

Training strategies are targeted to weight loss and not only this but shaping your muscles to look more attractive. You can use barbell complexes, which is nothing but to series of exercises using the same barbell, to burn all the undesirable fat. By adding barbell complexes to your training you will see amazing conditioning level.

You do not have to get bored by doing same exercise over and over again. To add some variety to your work out, you can go for cardio. To develop functional strength and agility you can always try cardio other than its traditional form. Cross fit inspired rounds, polymetrics or body weight routines are to name a few. Polymetrics increase muscle fiber activation and also help you in increasing force generation. One thing to be very careful about is to maintain a proper form throughout the routine so you can avoid injury.

Another thing to be taken care of is that you should time each work out. This is the best way to keep a note on your progress and improvement made so far. You can select 2-3 trainings that you can do back to back and then try to do them in as little time as possible. During this time do not take breaks and build the stamina to beat your own best time doing as fast as possible.

Apart from training, something that needs your attention the most is food that you take during this time. Fellows it is important to cut your carbohydrates intake. Once you stop taking carbohydrate your body starts using its stored fats to burn for energy purposes. This is where you dodge your body to help yourself become toned. Although carb should not be completely cut and you can rely n healthy carbohydrates instead. Some of these include green vegetables, brown rice or whole grain breads.

Now comes the most important point. Do not make your body used to of eating healthy all the time because it makes your body metabolism slow and whenever you eat unhealthy it hits your body harder than before. So it is advised that you take a snack or some carbohydrates once or twice a week so that your body does not forget to metabolize at a fast rate. This is the key which will help you stay in proportion even after you stop doing training or checking your food as strictly.

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