Home Cardio Workout to Get Ripped

A home cardio workout is an easy way for your body to get ripped, and you have the convenience of not having to spend money on a gym membership. What is so good about cardio training? Cardio helps your body burn fat at a higher rate than normal by elevating your heart rate to where your blood is pumping oxygen throughout your body. This all causes more calories to burn, and that is good for anybody that is not trying to bulk up but rather get ripped instead.

home cardio workoutLean muscle gains and fat loss is going to occur with this home cardio workout. You will get ripped and have a chiseled body in just a matter of weeks! All you really need for this type of training is some type of yoga mat to keep you from slipping and having to shove your body into the hard floor. A jump rope would be perfect as well, but if you do not have one you can just omit the exercise out of the routine below. What you are going to be performing is not just cardio, but actual bodyweight exercises as well.

The reason why they end up being cardio based exercises is because you will perform them all back to back, with little to no breaks in between. This keeps your body on an aerobic pathway, which is when ATP is created with oxygen, opposed to heavy lifts that do not use oxygen for energy bursts. Your home cardio workout is going to get your blood pumping and make you feel great at the results you are going to see in the mirror!

Here is your home cardio workout, which should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Run for 15 minutes OR perform x5 sets of jumping roping for 2 minutes straight

50 pushups

50 Squats

50 crunches

25 Bodyweight Dips

25 Lunges

25 Roll Ups

25 Dive Bomber Pushups

1 minute of Mountain Climbers

This simple and sweet home cardio workout is going to work every muscle in your body from top to bottom, and shred any excess fat that has no business being there in the first place! Remember, it will be pretty difficult to keep training all the way straight through this exercise, and that means you can take occasional 30 second breaks if you have to. However, this exception is for when your arms or legs just give out on you!

Do you have to take a break from doing any of this? No, this is not like a bodybuilder’s workout plan where you have to take a break from exercising a certain muscle group. You can perform this exercise everyday of the week if you wanted to.

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