How to Build Bigger Traps

Trapezius muscle aka traps, is an endurance muscle around your shoulders that has is allows lifting up. It is very important to have strong traps not just for aesthetic value of this muscle but also for building up resistance and endurance. There are a lot of misconceptions in work out for traps as mostly people consider lifting heavier weight for longer time as a better exercise for this whereas this muscle grows more through repetition of contractions and relaxation. Lifting up weight and staying for longer time allows less number of contractions to occur therefore it isn’t a faster and better way for building these stubborn traps. Here are some exercises to add up in your daily workout for growing traps bigger and stronger.


1. Cable Shrugs (one arm):


Pull the cable and perform shrug with one arm only. Shrug of one side allows deeper contraction of muscle and it can help grow even the most stubborn traps. Wait on the count of two seconds and slowly push the cable back.

Repeat this for 6-10 times as a single set. You can perform one-arm shrug with dumbbells as well in a similar fashion.


2. Dumbbell Shrugs:


Pick a pair of dumbbells on your sides while standing straight, shrug both shoulders together slowly upwards and then release them slowly to the starting position on the counts of two second. Repeat this for 10-15 times in a set as a beginner and then gradually push your limit for more.


3. Upright Row:


Grab a bar in front of you with both hands horizontally. Keep your hands on a shorter gap as compared to when you perform shrugs of normal weight lifting exercises. It should be roughly around 6 inches apart. Now slowly lift the bar on the level of your chin and then release to the starting position slowly on the count of four seconds.


Repeat this in 3 sets of about 8-15 daily. You can also add weights on the bar gradually as you form a routine. As you add on weight you can decrease the number of repeats accordingly. Adding this to your daily workout will give you bigger traps in just a few weeks.


4. Front/back Shrugs:

Grab a bar with weight on it, with both hands, in front of you while standing straight. In the starting position the bar should be against your thighs with arms fully stretched downwards. Now perform shrug slowly and then release to this starting position. Repeat this in two to three sets of 6-10 daily as a beginner and then you can push your limits for endurance by adding weight or reps.

Behind the back shrugs can also be performed in a similar way just by holding the bar behind your back instead of front.

5. Low Cable Face pulls:

Attach a rope to the lower portion of cable rack and stand at a distance of two feet approximately. Now pull the ropes with your hand such that your hands reach at least to the back of your ears. This will give you perfect angle for traps contractions. You can increase your stamina through this exercise by performing it in single set or one go in more number of reps as compared to others.


Repeats and gradually pushing your limits is the key to building bigger traps. Now head to the gym and hit those muscles!


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