Kettlebells: What is Up with All the Hype?

Kettlebells have been around for a couple of centuries or so, and were the “secret” of the Russian fitness regime that has now become a big hit all across the world! Thousands of people have taken to performing kettlebell workouts, but why the heck for? Some gym rats want to deny the existence of kettlebells, and I can see why they do. Change is just not something everyone wants, but if you really want to get shredded and increase your strength and endurance then start performing some of these beginner kettlebell exercises every other week or so!

How do Kettlebells Work?

kettlebellWell the secret to the kettlebell is its unique, and awkward, design that makes your body’s muscles strain to keep yourself balanced while also moving the weight. A kettlebell is pretty much a ball that has a handle, and if you have never tried performing exercises with a kettlebell then let me tell you; you are in for a surprise! I too resented kettlebells and said they were lame to use simply put, but upon growing and understanding health and fitness I opened up to new ideas. Change is a good thing, and showing off how much weight you can lift just does not mean squat if you are doing the exercise incorrectly.

That is where kettlebells can help you because honestly, if you cannot perform them properly then you are going to hurt, and that is not in a good way. This type of equipment is going to show your body how to become better balanced in your training, and force you to use lighter weight amounts in order to perform these beginner kettlebell exercises correctly. This will then carry over to your view of barbell and dumbbell training, which maximizes your over all muscle building potential.

Beginner Kettlebell Exercises to Try for Yourself!

The two-handed kettlebell swing is a beginners starting point for kettlebell workouts, but that by no means is a statement that they should be skipped. In short, this exercise is pretty much a mixture of performing a squat with a front shoulder raise. Primary areas worked are your legs, hips, and shoulders, but remember plenty of other muscles are being worked secondary as well. Place your feet shoulder width apart, and then place a moderately weighted kettlebell in between your legs. Maintain a two-hand grip, and start off while squatting down and holding the weight a little to your rear. Execute by swing the kettlebell up with straight arms until they have reached a parallel with the floor WHILE also coming up as if performing a squat.

Now here is a more advanced kettlebell workout that will work your entire body, and get you freaking chiseled. These are going to be a bit awkward at first, especially when it comes to staying balanced. However, one-arm kettlebell split jerks are just awesome! They target your legs, back, shoulders, and chest, which you may notice is the same muscles that compound lifts target.

Okay, so time for body positioning and execution. Grab a kettlebell in one hand, whichever arm you plan on using first. Start off standing up straight with the kettlebell in a cleaned position, which is your upper arm parallel with the floor and forearm up straight forming a 90 degree angle with your arm. Then your palms are facing forward and the kettlebell is behind your hand.

Execution is lunging forward with the leg that is opposite to your arm that is grasping then kettlebell, and while you are lunging forward you shoulder press the kettlebell, and that is it! Alternate arms with the kettlebell and repeat!

Seriously; just give kettlebells a chance. I am not asking you to become the kettlebell guru who uses nothing BUT a kettlebell.  All I am saying is change things up, use these beginner kettlebell exercises and you’ll build muscle and get a well defined, sculpted body in the long run!

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