No-Crunch Abs Workouts

six pack supplementsYou need to do more than just crunching exercises if you want your abdominals to become well defined six pack abs. No-crunch abs workouts are designed to twist, stretch, and contract your abdominals by performing different motions other than crunching. You can be the friend that all your friends talk about having a chiseled six pack by just doing some basic motions that do not even require any weight training!

Russian Twists

This exercise does wonders for your abs by isolating them and twisting them into solid blocks of muscle. Russian twists are not bicycle kicks, which they are often confused with. Bicycle kicks require a crunching motion, but this exercise requires what the name implies, twists! Take a seat and stretch your legs to where they are extended halfway. Then lean back to where your hips and torso form a 45 degree angle, and begin alternating the twisting motion from left to right while keep all focus on using your abs to balance your body in place.

Face Down Elbow Planks

Planks are a core exercise that is used to place better balance and power into your torso, which your abdominals are a part of. The way this exercise works is by forcing your abs into contraction while you try to keep your body in the upright position from the floor. Lay down as if you were going to perform pushups, but instead place your forearms and elbows on the ground in place of your hands. Next you push your body to where it is suspended in the air while clenching your abs firmly with your buttocks to keep a straight body posture.

Straight Leg Hangs

The straight leg hang is another one of the no-crunch abs workouts that uses contraction and stretching in place of crunching. Lie down on your back and place your palms face down and tucked away under your hips and buttocks. This position allows you to get the full contraction needed to exercise your abs. Raise your feet together to where they are approximately six inches off the floor, and then hold the position for 30-60 seconds. You should begin to feel your abs tighten up by the 15 second mark.

These are great no-crunch abs workouts that you can try at the gym or even in your own home! They are more unique to the typical crunches that you always see, and you need to make sure to vary your exercises so your body does not develop a routine anyways. Try and put together about 10 different abdominal exercises that you perform back to back in order to get chiseled six pack abs!

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