Top Scientific Breakfast Tips For Quicker Weight Loss

Almost every nutritionist or weight loss expert worth his/her salt recommends a nutritious and healthy breakfast to kick-start the day. But more importantly, latest research indicates that certain scientifically proven tips during breakfast time can actually help in losing weight in addition to making your morning meal count. If you are looking to hit your weight loss goals in as short time as possible with these absolutely delectable, zero deprivation tips, read more to know how these scientifically backed research studies can help you in your quest to lose weight.


1. Large flaked cereals.

If cereals get you up and going at breakfast time, choose one with large flakes. According to a research study conducted by the Pennsylvania University, scientific experts introduced different kinds of crushed up cereal flake sizes for the participants. The smaller and denser the flakes, the greater the amount of cereal portion was poured into a bowl by some participants. It was revealed that the participants under estimated the amount of calories in the cereals consumed, as they kept adding more cereals into the bowl to fill it up. The moral of the story here is: if you are looking to consume fewer calories, it is best to choose larger flakes and you will not even notice the difference.

2. Oat bran.

Not exactly the sexiest of all breakfast foods, oat bran is generally neglected by most people, due to its bland and insipid appearance, especially at the start of a day. Although, having a breakfast with oat bran might not really be exciting, it is definitely one of the smartest foods to have at breakfast. A large number of studies have revealed that one of its most prominent nutrients that is fibre, is extremely instrumental in keeping you feel fuller for longer credit of time during the day, which means that you will not be consumed by random hunger cravings shortly after breakfast. Perhaps an apple cinnamon oat bran muffin could help you relook at the humble oat bran in a different light.

3. Have a large breakfast.

Contrary to what you might believe in, even though a large morning breakfast is an indication of adding more calories to your diet, it actually points out to efficient weight loss during the day! Although contradictory in its approach, a recent study concluded that one group of participants who consumed 800 calories at breakfast, went on to consume 600 calories at lunch and 300 calories during dinner. While on the other hand, another group of participants who consumed 250 calories at breakfast, went on to consume 600 calories at lunch and 800 calories at dinner. Over a period of 10 weeks, the participants who had been consuming an 800 calories breakfast actually lost over three times more weight than the other group of participants. The study also concluded that an individual’s metabolism is at its very best and most efficient in the early morning hours. Having said that, it is important to note that one must not gorge on empty calories in the morning but incorporate some dense and complex nutritious foods at breakfast.

4. Fill in on protein early.

If you are one of us who feel hungry a few hours after breakfast, you might want to look into stocking up on protein packed foods in your first meal. Protein is not only helpful in reining in your appetite throughout the day but it’s also useful in fending off hunger pangs that can lead you to make bad food choices. In a particular study, some participants who ate a breakfast rich in proteins reported making good food choices throughout the day and felt less hungry, while eating fewer snacks after dinner.

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