Weight Loss: 5 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Doing

Still struggling to lose weight after sinking the first 5 pounds?

If you’ve hit the dead-end after sweating out in the gym for couple of weeks, then you’re probably making one of these 5 biggest fat loss mistakes which you must avoid at all cost.

Even if you’ve tried different workout routines, or exercised more than an average Joe, but still do not see your weight lose after certain pounds, it’s time to figure out where you went wrong and fix them, once and for all.

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5 Fat Loss Tips:

5 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes1) Too desperate and short sighted – We understand how badly you want to fit into those size 30 waist jeans, or that lovely designer clothing you’re eyeing. But let’s get real for a moment, shall we? How long did it take to pack on those extra 40 pounds? Definitely not in 3 weeks, right? So stop fretting about not losing weight after 3 weeks.

The best way to lose fat would be in ¼ of the time it took you to gain.

Besides losing fat, you must also think about getting physically fit and becoming a stronger person. If your workout regime is making you feel unfit, leaves you drained, tired, and weak, and you feel tired at the end of it, you better change it.

I would suggest you focus on gaining strength and fitness, rather than losing those fats. So go out there and put on more weights, do more reps, and run faster. As you become stronger, your body’s capacity to burn more fat will skyrocket.

2) Your workout lacks intensity – If you’re not burning calories, you’re probably watching TV while you’re working out. If that’s what you’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks, then be prepared to get stuck with your body fat. You have to be INTENSE!

Don’t just go on telling me how many reps you hit with those plastic baby dumbbells. They’re not dumbbells. They’re just toys for small kids. If you’re serious losing fat, you’ll have to move on to real weights. Start small but continue to break those barriers you’ve set yourself.

Instead of moving around for 90 minutes, it’s better you go hard and heavy for 45 minutes to burn more calories and lose fat. It can take a little longer if you’re including cardio and stretching exercises.

Focus on deadlifts, squats, and lunges to see big results.

3) Focusing More on Cardio, Lacking Resistance Training – Most people will tell you that you need to focus 80% of your training on cardio exercises. But the sad truth is nobody reported fat loss. We only saw cardio exercise manufactures making more dollars. If you want to shred those extra pounds off your body, you’ll have to include more resistance exercises during your workout routines.

Resistance exercises may include bodyweight as well as weighted exercises!

The benefits of resistance training are many. You’ll raise your metabolic rate. As a result, your body is able to burn more calories even while you’re resting (sleeping too). So instead of doing those slow 30 to 60 minute cardio session, set aside 30 minutes for resistance workouts too.

Of course, your resistance training must include heavy weights. Stay away from those pink 5 pound dumbbells.

4) Changing Programs Often, Not Focusing on Progression – Do you always make the mistake of starting a workout routine and drop it after one week because you saw another program that promised you faster and better results on the Internet?

If you’re doing this changing and chopping routines for several months, then please STOP and just reflect back how much progress you have made so far. It’s likely that you’ll have made no progress so far.

In order to get the best result, we highly suggest you give at least 5 to 6 weeks time for each workout program. In fact, if a workout program gives you the result you were looking for, then do NOT quit it even if you’ve been performing it for over 3 months.

So, instead of changing your program too often, focus more on progression.

5) Not being active outside the gym – If you’re all activity in the gym but a couch potato outside, you’ll probably not giving all you’ve got. No we’re not suggesting you become active 24/7, but make sure you try to walk short distances instead of riding a car, taking the steps instead of elevators, play at the park instead of watching TV with the kids.

If you’re a parent, plan once or twice a week to take your children to the park and indulge in fun and active games. If you’re single, just call your friends for a swimming, soccer, or cycle sessions.

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Well, there are several programs that helps lose fat like The Fat Loss Factor that includes both cardio and resistance exercises as we discussed earlier in this article.

Over to you! Were you making these 5 fat loss mistakes? Please comment below.

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